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Brave TV News 9/8/2020

William R Boone High School in Orlando, Florida daily news broadcast

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Welcome Class of 2024

Welcome Class of 2024! A welcome from staff and students!

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Clay International Orientation Video.mp4

This video shows you what makes Clay International unique.

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Newspaper Organizer

This video outlines the newspaper organizer and how to use the shared Google Drive folders.

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6th Grade Orientation Video!

NOTE TO DES STUDENTS AND PARENTS: If you are not attending Dundalk Middle School next year, it will still benefit you to watch this video, as much of this information can be generalized to most other…

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Junior Department Introduction

Junior Department introduction by Mrs Lothian

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Transition Junior ASD

St Anthony's School Chichester Junior ASD transition welcome video.

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Kiersten David 2020

WCAP Broughton. Interview with Kiersten David, Class of 2020. Conducted January 2020.

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RW Characters Feeling Change and So Do Readers Voice- MWTP Unit 4 Session 10

Readers use post it notes to mark pages where characters feelings have changed. They can go back and think why and use this to explain how the character is feeling and why.

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