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Equilibrium Notes Part 1

Mr. Brown introduces the concept of Equilibrium. Terms discussed: - Equilibrium - Rate of Forward Process = Rate of Reverse Process - Physical Equilibrium - Phase Equilibrium -…

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Mole Concept - Compounds

This video is to assist my students in converting compounds using moles.

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Kinetics Notes Part 5

Part 5 of Mr. Brown introducing the Kinetics unit in Chemistry. Discussed: -Potential Energy -Enthalpy (Heat) of Reaction

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How yeast works in bread making.

My next project will be baking different types of breads. Many bread recipes use yeast. But what is yeast? How does it work? Check out this great video by Susanna Z to find out about the science of…

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5th Hour 4

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The CO2 Killer

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CO2 Car Racing - June 2013

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BTB Solution and CO2

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