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Johnny Tremain 08 - A World to Come

In chapter eight, Johnny gets some important questions answered while the climate of Boston changes and tension increases between the colonists and the British.

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Fairy Tale Reading - Day 1

Mrs. Gross reads a fairy tale.

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23 Questions with Mr. Weber (Full Interview)

Full interview with Huntingtown High School Principal, Mr. Rick Weber, about his life, career, challenges and favorite things. Conducted for HHS news journal, The Forecast, March 2020.

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Girl Wonder Read Aloud

Read Aloud: Girl Wonder This book was read aloud with permission from Scholastic reading as a result of e-learning for Covid-19.

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PE with Coach Wood Day 1: Dance Edition

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE!! FUN AND CREATIVE NEW VIDEOS M-F!!!! School may be out for a little bit, BUT that doesn't mean PE has to be cancelled! So for the next couple weeks I…

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6th-12th Activities

The following are activities that are expected during the regular school week.

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5th Hour 2

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5th Hour 1

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4th Hour 4

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