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2.6 Rationals and Asymptotes

Finding vertical, horizontal, and slant asymptotes for rational functions. Finding holes and x-intercepts of rational functions. Sketching a graph of a rational function using the asymptotes, the x…

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Clip of M3.5 Speed and Velocity

Average and instantaneous speed and velocity, graphs (derivatives and integrals)

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2.3 Lesson

Review long and synthetic division. Using the factor and remainder theorems to find rational roots of a polynomial.

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2.2 Lesson

Sketching polynomials using the end behavior from the leading coefficient, and the roots, including any multiplicities. Use the sum and product rule to write equations of polynomials given integers…

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2.1 Lesson

Putting quadratics in vertex form by completing the square to identify the vertex. Identifying x- and y-intercepts of a quadratic. Writing equations of a quadratic using the vertex and a point on…

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