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Hannah Jones Speech 3

Mrs. Tagg: At the last 35-40 seconds of Hannah's speech, the video camera died. She had about 2 sentences left and her 30 second video left. I would ask that you consider making an exception and…

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60 Seconds

A brief summery of things about me like hobbies, goals, etc.

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Once in a While Show: Episode 2

Following social distancing guidelines and remote filming, the 3rd year media students created the second episode for the Once in a While Show. This episode contains a music video, skits about the…

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morning meeting 8:25

Our morning meeting was just visiting and then a story. :)

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The first video in the new class.

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iRam 10.17

This iRam episode takes you into the iRam Studio for a news parody featuring stories about the weather, the superhero known as The Helping Hand, hallway pedestrians, Senoritus, friendship, and couple…

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iRam 10.12

This episode starts with a musical opening, and pays homage to popular television programs of the past from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, to The Brady Bunch, and Hell's Kitchen. It also includes…

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WSCN 11.14.19

The WSCN Daily Update for #ThemeThursday, November 14th, 2019. Features clips from the hit show Impractical Jokers.

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The Champion of Champions

Limon and Oli apply for the online wrestling-game contest. Wrestling champion Proto trains them for the game.

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Limon and Oli read an article in an old newspaper about an alumnus of their school who has become famous for his pranks. They decide to pursue his legacy.

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