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2.2 Citizen Obligations and Responsibilities

Citizens must fulfill obligations or duties because they are required by law. Citizens take voluntary actions that benefit society as a whole to support the common good. Visit Civics360 for more.

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Week 4 Social Studies Journaling Ideas for 5th Grade

We're sad we won't be able to hold a live session for this week's Social Studies lesson, but we've recorded a lesson for you! This week's theme is Belonging and Connection.

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Reading Group Lesson 5-27

Here is the pre-recorded lesson for Reading Groups 5/26-5/29.

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Week 4 Community SocStudies Journal Gr7-8

The theme this week is community and belonging. Ideas for this week include thinking about our many connections to each other. Suggestions for journal writing focus in on family, school and broader…

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Social Studies Week 4-27 Day 1

Essential Question: How have the variety of cultures, beliefs, and ideas held by immigrants to the US (and immigrants moving west) impacted the development of communities? How did Native Americans…

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