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Mole Concept - Compounds

This video is to assist my students in converting compounds using moles.

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Bioplastic fun

Here is a video about making bioplastic from simple house hold items. Bioplastic is a synthetic material meaning it is man made. Bioplastics are made from polymers which are long strands of…

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Kinetics Notes Part 4

Part 4 of Mr. Brown introducing the Kinetics unit in Chemistry. Discussed: -Factors that effect the rate of reaction. -How to make a reaction faster. -How the Nature of the Reactants effects the…

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Water Properties

Recorded powerpoint of the properties of water

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Why the Maillard Reaction Makes Everything Delicious

This week Reactions is taking a look at the chemistry behind the Maillard reaction, known as the "browning reaction." Science makes your food delicious. Why does fresh, hot toast have a…

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Plant cells | Crash Course biology| Khan Academy

Hank describes why plants are so freaking amazing - discussing their evolution, and how their cells are both similar to & different from animal cells. Created by Crash Course. Watch the next…

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8.3 fill in notes podcast

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Honors Ionic Compounds

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Mr. Matchell naming covalant compounds and acids

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F&E Vodcast 2

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