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RT Today 2.18.20

The taped broadcast of RT Today, Middletown High School’s morning announcements, for Feb. 18, 2020.

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Step 2: Debugging & Programming based on an example found

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Computer Literacy: Completing Practice Lessons

How to complete the practice lesson assignments in Computer Literacy

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Computer Literacy: Downloading Course Resources Folder

How to download the course resources folder for Computer Literacy. WAVA HS

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Feb. 10 2020 Vintage Forecast and Events for the week updated

Vintage Math, Science & Technology Magnet (Elementary) School's Jr. Meteorologists Club (the STORM Group) present the current school week weather forecast using Earthworks (formerly…

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AIT & Foundations of Programming Computer Science

AIT and Foundations of Programming teach students how to code in HTML and CSS to make websites using Adobe Dreamweaver. They will also learn how to create fun and interactive games in JavaScript.…

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Largest rideable hexapod robot

Matt is an animatronics expert, who works on the Star Wars films. In his spare time he builds things like this hexapod robot. He explains some of the challenges he faced in building it.…

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Science and Math War

Learn about math and science as a parody of “Bad Blood”

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Photoshop L02-2

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