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Acid and Base Titration

Warning: Law & Order Themed Mr. Brown discusses and performs an Acid/Base Titration in the laboratory.

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Acid and Base Equilibrium Experiment

Mr. Brown does an Acid/Base experiment to show how the pH of a solution is affected by the addition of acid and base solutions using the pH indicator Bromthymol Blue.

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Acids Bases Notes 2

Mr. Brown discusses the pH scale and pH indicators.

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LeChatelier's Principle with Equilibrium Model

Warning: Star Wars Themed In this video Mr. Brown uses a Model of Equilibrium to discuss LeChatelier's Principle. Key Vocabulary Discussed: - Equilibrium - LeChatelier's Principle -…

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Acid Base Week 1 Walkthrough

Learning how to calculate pH, pOH, hydrogen ion concentration and hydroxide ion concentration with Mr. Ruppel!!!

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LeChat HW Review and HW Intro

Mr. Brown goes over Le Chatelier's Principle HW: Page 7 starting at 0:00 Page 8 starting at 7:35 Mr. Brown introduces new Le Chatelier's Principle HW at 15:14

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LeChatelier's HW

Mr. Brown introduces 2 LeChatelier's Principle worksheets that are HW.

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April 27, 2020

Mr. Pio makes a return to remind everyone to consider applying for Honors English. Then Mr. Jeub snaps us back to English class to cover another lesson of Fix It and reviewing the ending of Anne…

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