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Kinder Music Lesson #4

We've mastered the "Welcome Song" and now move on to "Make New Friends" (Wonders Unit) and "I Am Wood" (Science Unit). Students can accurately read and perform…

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TK Music Lesson #4

Lesson #4 builds on previous skills of reading and performing quarter and eighth note rhythms and introduces the quarter rest. Students use body movements to identify high and low sounds. We review…

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Kinder Lesson #2

Welcome back! We'll master our "Welcome" song and review ouor rhythms. We'll discover new rhythms and a new rhythm Drum Language from India. "Can You" has more…

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Music - TK Video Lesson #2 Week of August 31, 2020

Welcome back! We will review our "Welcome Song" and learn a new language for rhythm: Drum Language from the country of India! We will continue our "Five Senses" song and really…

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Because-by Mo Willems

One of my favorite new books about the power of music!

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