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8/31 Genesis Class Session

This is our 8/31 Class Session on Genesis 3

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Homeroom_ Aug 24, 2020 9_46 AM

We went over the code of conduct. Make sure to complete the steps in Verge

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What Should Darla Do? (Part 4)

Listen to the story and let me know one good choice you have made today!

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Consequences : Conflict of Sin (Teaching)

In this teaching, Mr. Brondyke talks about the effects of sin on God's creation, the consequence of that sin for all parties involved, and the conflict of Sin that we as Christians face each…

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Cyber Safety Training: 5th-8th

Cyber Safety Training: 5th -8th Information and Tips for Parents and Students on safe internet use while participating in virtual learning. T. Trish T. Mikki. T. Griffin

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