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Activity Time: Wednesday, February 10 - Cut, Paint & Decorate a Heart

We're working on the letter "R" this week. Let's practice forming the letter with either playdough or a dry erase marker on your letter card. We're also hunting for…

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How to Make Cheese by Ella

2021 iDidaMovie entry for iDidaContest sponsored by ASTE

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11/9 Class Session

This is our 11/9 class session

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Homophones: they’re, there, their

Watch Mrs. Herman fill out this foldable for homophones with her class.

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Math Chit Chat 1

Deanna Jump's Math Chit Chat #1

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Chapter 5-1

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Solving equations — beginner lesson — examples with a pan balance (pre-algebra)

This is a beginner video lesson (pre-algebra or 7th grade) explaining: WHAT are equations? What is the general idea as to how we solve equations? An equation is of the form (expression) =…

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