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Compare Data

This video builds on Mrs. White's lesson of Sorting and Counting, so please make sure you watch that video first. In this video, you will learn how to answer questions about data using picture…

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Day 42 Wkbk 89

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DRUMS - P. 12 - LESSON 6, SONG #5

Sticker song #5 on p. 12. Counting and playing first, second time just thinking the counting while playing.

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Day 35 Wkbk 84

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Mrs. King Part 2 Counting Coins2E218F0D-68C5-4AD9-ADE3-0A62DE251248

Learn to count coins using quarters dimes,nickels and pennies! Practice using pocket change.

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CVI friendly - Counting to 10

Counting to 10 video modified for children with CVI (cortical vision impairment

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Number Corner May 6

Bridges math May 6 Number Corner 3rd Grade multiplication and division

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Mere Christianity: Counting the Cost

In the final chapter of my teaching C.S, Lewis' works, I will read a most powerful charge to you about what you are up to whenever you tell the Lord you're ready to let Him take over.

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