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4.2 International Organizations

International organizations help with the variety of issues and problems around the world. Visit for more.

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Mandala Drawing

Create 4 sections; add details step by step; a great way to relax through drawing!

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0-2. Phases of the Moon

Basic info on the Moon; Why there are phases; Identify Waxing and Waning, Crescent and Gibbous; New and Full Moons Practice naming moon images

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Noah's Ark Snack

Children will make a fun Noah's ark snack using a banana, peanut butter and animal crackers.

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1st grade moon

Science lesson from Mrs. Mikles

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The Moon - Mrs. Mikles teaches 1st Grade

Week 1 - Science Lesson about the Moon. Mrs. Mikles teaches distance learning.

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A Boat Returned

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Crescent Elementary Have A Feeling

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