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Things You Need to Know About the Weather

Host James May helps us explore those eternal questions about the weather.

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The STEAM Team with Lilly & Me: Unicorn Crystals

The STEAM Team with Lilly & Bee create a crystal unicorn. Fun and easy! Available at:

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Chemistry Lab - Part 1 Chemical Bonding Lab

There are two parts for this lab as I bumped the stop button.

From  Marcella2 on October 28th, 2020 0 likes 1 plays

Aspirin Synthesis

Dr. Moira Milne of ConVal Regional High School conducts a chemistry lab on aspirin synthesis.

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how to make your own soap

Students explain how to melt glycerin and add food coloring to make soap.

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Butterflies emerging

A video of our butterflies emerging.

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Morning Message Centering 4-2-2020

A classic, basic Centering with a little talk about altars. Do you have a special place with special things that remind you of what is most important?

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