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"Birthdays in Many Cultures" Read Aloud

By Martha E. H. Rustad Thinking Jobs: - How do you celebrate your birthday? - How is it the same and different from other birthday celebrations around the world?

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Monkey King History and Culture lesson

Learn more about how the Monkey King story originated and came to be so culturally important. Pencil and paper are optional for this lesson.

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Pizza Making

Make a pizza and then cut it into fractions.

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Social Studies Week 4-27 Days 2 &3

The Gold Rush also brought more people to the West. The "immigrants" brought some of their culture with them. Communities were formed and the land was changed by their arrival. Pioneers and…

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Short TED talk about Jump Roping

Kyra Gaunt : How the jump rope got its rhythm!

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Humans of Mehlville Broadcast - Feb. 4, 2020

Check out these quick profiles on members of the Mehlville community. For more, visit us online at

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