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Jamaica Farewell

From  Mr.OP on April 9th, 2020 0 likes 1 plays

spring is here!

spring is here said the bumblebee how do you know? said the talk oak tree? because i saw a daffodil dancing in the breeze at the top of the hill. spring is here said the meadow mouse how do you…

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Wake up, Sleepy Sloth

Mrs. Green and Maverick read aloud Wake up, Sleepy Sloth

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Easter Bunny Dance & Freeze | Springtime Song for Kids | Fun Dance Song for Children | Jack Hartmann

Easter dance and freeze song. Dance along with Jack and the Easter Bunny as they flip-flop their ears, shake their tails and bunny hop then freeze in this fun springtime song for kids. Lyrics…

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"Barnyard Boogie"

Tuesday, March 31st

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Mrs. Christian Reads The Don't Worry Book

Welcome back to library!! Here's my first Read-a-Loud, The Don't Worry Book by Todd Parr for you to enjoy. Miss you guys!!

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Writing Model for If I was Famous.

Here is my modeling a journal entry about being famous.

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Downloading Zoom

Use this video tutorial to help you download ZOOM. We will use this application to help complete our homework.

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