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Main Idea- Heading Hashtags

Read the article "Who are you calling ugly?" in the January 13 Edition of Scholastic News. Then determine the main idea of each section and create a fun hashtag for each.

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Babies in the Bayou

Mr. Milford reads about alligators, raccoons, turtles, and ducklings in the Bayou!

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ROMANS PART 1: an introduction and beginning outline

Paul writes this very powerful book that is often called "the ABCs of Christianity"

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Bad Bread

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Farthest distance covered by a quadruped robot

The farthest distance covered by a quadruped robot is 134.03 km (83.28 miles). Use this clip to prompt a discussion about how robots can be used in situations that would be dangerous for…

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Texting While Driving PSA

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Don't Text and Drive

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Driving and Texting

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West UPdate 15 PROMO

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