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A Little Spot Learns Online

A read aloud of Diane Alber's: A Little Spot Learns Online. A story about virtual classroom expectations.

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Mr. Brenny's class meeting, 5-26-2020

Mr. Brenny's class meeting, 5-26-2020. I forgot to start recording right away, but I did capture most of the class meeting!

From  tbrenny on May 26th, 2020 0 likes 4 plays

Spinning Song - Ellmenreich - 1st and 2nd Grade Field Day rotation

Come up with a Dance in the form ABA - 2nd and 3rd grade Upload your dance to your LMS Classroom!

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PE K-6 Friday, May 8

Go Capitals! Challenge Mrs. Turk can't count. 😁

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Duple Rhythm Dictation-YOU write my pattern!

Duple Rhythm Dictation-YOU write my pattern!

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Drums: Week 1: p.10, Lesson 4, #1 - Playing

Play along #1 with me. First I speak the rhythm and play, then I speak the counting and play, then I think the counting and play.

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