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How to make Slime

Students explain how to make glow in the dark slime.

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Homeroom_ Aug 24, 2020 9_46 AM

We went over the code of conduct. Make sure to complete the steps in Verge

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Grand Island Board of Education 4-21-2020 Meeting

The Grand Island CSD Board of Education held its general session meeting from various online locations on Tuesday April 21, 2020.

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Genetics 101 (Part 2 of 5): What are SNPs?

In this video collaboration from Khan Academy and 23andMe, you'll learn about the variations in human DNA called SNPs, and how they can be used to understand relationships between people.

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Lesson 4.2 Coping with Peer Pressure--Refusal Skills

Students will be able to recognize peer pressure and will identify and practice effective steps toward dealing with peer pressure.

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3.2 Lesson Project Success-Alcoholic Families

This lesson discusses ways to help ourselves when dealing with family addiction (or other major stressors)

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Effects of Drugs on Teen Brain Development Lesson 2.1

NIDA explores in this video the intriguing similarities between the processes of brain development and computer programming. The analogy helps us understand why toxic environmental factors like…

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The Swiss Cheese Model of Drug Addiction Lesson 2.2

The National Institute on Drug Abuse introduces The Swiss Cheese Model of Drug Addiction. This video is an application of James Reason’s Swiss Cheese Model of accident causation (1990) to the…

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