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Message for Jasper

We miss you, Jasper! Here's a little something your teachers came together to say to keep you motivated!!! Love, T. Elizabeth, T. Arielle, T. Tim & T. Tom <3

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Calendar 5:14:20

Calendar and Morning Meeting activities

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ASL: Mercado de la Merced

Instructions: Choose a Spanish word from the video. Go to "Google Translate"and type the Spanish word to find the English meaning. Then find something you have in your house. Type the…

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Mikee Award Nominees 2019-2020

The WSCN Nominations for several categories, including Best Performance, Best Editorial, Best Commercial, Best PSA, Best Special Segment, Best Short Film, and Best Music Video.

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Chapter 23

The Cafe` is opening!

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Chapter 22

Oh boy-things are getting exciting! Will Blinker tell Silversides??

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Chapter 20

Here is the next Ragweed chapter!

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Chapter 18

Here is your next chapter-a new club! Have an awesome weekend :-)

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It's a Great Day at Clay 3-20-20

The school might shut down but It's a Great Day at Clay can't be stopped.

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Chapter 15

Here we go with Ragweed and Blinker in the trash bucket!

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Chapter 14

Here we go with Chapter 14 in Ragweed! I am playing around-yesterday was a Schooltube video cast and now this is Youtube video-trying to figure out the easiest way to share with you!

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Chapter 13

Here I am hanging out with Fiona and learning how to use Schooltube! To start I'm reading Ragweed Chapter 13 to you. This was my first time EVER doing this-how did I do? Could you hear me ok?

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