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Coding for kids - Free Bitsbox review & programs by Arnav Sharma | STEM Program

Getting started with Bitsbox. Free Bitsbox review and programs by Arnav Sharma! Learn step by step coding instructions fast and free in few simple steps! Easy coding for kids. Subscribe Bitsbox…

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Mere Christianity: Is our Faith easy or hard?

C.S. Lewis talks about the Main Purpose of Christianity, and how we may often misunderstand the whole point of our walk with Jesus. This is a most powerful chapter.

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Waiting Is Not Easy!

Read Aloud with writing prompt

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Hacer un Libro de una hoja de Papel/Book from One Sheet of Paper

Create a travel journal, make a doodle book, or write a story about yourself! All you need is paper and scissors to create your own 8-page mini book.

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How to Braid Hair

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7th period live report

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Math 8.4

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Power of 4

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Recycle! Make It A Point!

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