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Media Makers show #14 - Jake Torchin

Ladue alum Jake Torchin is an independent television and film editor in Los Angeles, CA. Jake has worked on shows such as Viceland's "The Therapist," edited videos for celebrity Will…

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Media Makers show #7 - Claire Levinson

Ladue alum Claire Levinson discusses what it's like to be an animation editor in Los Angeles, CA. Claire also reminisces about her time in the Ladue Broadcast Technology program, her college…

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5 Shot Sequence Liza

This video is an example of some of the different editing tools I learned how to use. I learned how to use the 5 shot sequence and edited them all together.

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5 Shot Sequence

I got to learn all of the 5 different types of shots and practice them with my friends. I also got to learn how to edit them in Final Cut Pro.

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How to Make Milkshakes

Learn how to make milkshakes!

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A high school student has to run for saving her life after she realizes she is being chased by a bad guy and a serial killer.

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How to Delete a Channel from SchoolTube

When a channel is no longer needed, delete it following the steps in this video. Deleting a channel does not delete the videos under the channel. A channel is just an organize view of select videos…

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Adobe Audition Copy Pasting For Music Audio

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