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Morning Announcement May 29, 2020

Morning Announcement Mr. Parker, May 29, 2020

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Just Right Words for Post Its Week of 5/25

Here I show students how to use specific feeling words for how the character is feeling

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Are You Hungry? | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Watch videos from Super Simple in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► 🍌🍎🍇🍉 Sing along with this Super Simple food song for kids!🎶Are you hungry? Yes, I am. Are you hungry? Yes,…

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Coping Skills Video #4 - Forgiveness

One tool we can use when we have frustrated or angry thoughts is to practice Forgiveness. It is not always easy but it can help us take control of our feelings and begin to feel better.

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Ricky The Rock That Couldn't Roll by Jay Miletsky Illustrated by Erin Wozniak

Watch this read aloud of this fun book as I demonstrate how to place post-its on important pages to remember emotions!

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"A Little Scribble Spot" by Diane Alber

In this read aloud, we see how we can become tangled up in our emotions. We also learn how to spot all of our different emotions. Please find the associated activity in our class on Microsoft TEAMS!…

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"Finding Your Spot in the World, A Story About Diversity" by Diane Alber

During this read aloud, we talk about the word diversity and why it is so important! We talk about how each person is different, unique and special. Even though we are all different, we also have…

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May 1 Morning Announcements

Good morning Hereford! We have a great show for you! So grab a cup of coffee and some breakfast, sit down and enjoy: -Joke of the Week with Jaybird and Coach Rhoads -Weather with Maddie -A Message…

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