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Tagging Photos with Keywords

To help you sort and organize the photos in your project, you can add keywords to them.

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What your day might look like when we get back on campus for the Blended Program in 2020-2021. Brought to you by Mr. Finkbiner and the Renaissance class. (English Version)

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Kaltura Capture recording - April 22nd 2020, 12:32:08 pm

How to turn in homework in Classroom Notebook if the file is too big.

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How to make your own Kindergarten Writing Paper

If you are not able to print the Kindergarten Writing Paper template, don't worry! Here I teach you how to make your own so you can practice writing your letters just like at school!

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How to find Roots on the Texas Instruments TI-30X iis calculator

A quick tutorial on how to use and find roots or radicals on the Texas Instruments TI-30X iis scientific calculator

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