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Pastor Steven’s Bible Study

This is Pastor Steven’s online Bible study for 10/20. We looked at the character and nature of God

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Genesis Class - 8/20 Recording

Class - This is the class recording for 8/20. Mr. Brondyke is teaching about the first two verses in Genesis 1 and gives an introduction to the Biblical Creation account

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Introduction Video

In this video, Mr. Brondyke provides a brief introduction to our Fundamentals of Math course

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core message

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QSI AIS Friday, May 29 announcements

QSI AIS Friday, May 29 announcements distance learning QSI AIS 2020-2021 Intention Forms End-of-the-Year Challenge SAT registration 2020-2021

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Man's Destiny Teaching (Audio File)

In this teaching, Mr. Brondyke teaches about the false views of man's destiny as well as what the Bible says about the truth of man's destiny.

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The Origin of Man - Teaching Audio

This audio file discusses the origin of man - Physical origin and the origin of man's soul

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The Legend of Blue Bonnet - Imongen

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