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A Little Spot Learns Online - Read Aloud

A story about virtual Classroom expectations. Written and illustrated by Diane Albee’s.

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Week 2 - Thursday METI Specials - Mrs. Bitmoji Media Center Thinglink

Video overview of Week 2's Thursday METI Specials - Mrs. Bitmoji Media Center Thinglink for Liberty Point Elementary School.

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Abby Johler STLSS Reflection

Personal reflection is an essential skill taught in the Summer Stories program and we use the showNtell process to easily navigate the process. These two-minute videos were all crafted in less than a…

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Meet the Teacher: Mr. Schenk

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. In this brief video, I will welcome you and share a little bit about the courses I'll be teaching this year.

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MS Bible - 8/17

This is the recording for Mr. Hanners’ Bible classes. This session is posted to each of his classes because the same lesson was taught in both today.

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Summer Stories 2020

Summer Stories is a unique program that brings together students from diverse backgrounds to learn the mobile filmmaking process through community engagement.

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Temple Elementary School - Fall 2020 Return To School

Principal Fabiola Woods explains the fall 2020 return to school plans for Temple Elementary School.

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QPS Superintendent Finalist Interview OmarEasy, Ph.D.

The first of three candidates who are being interviewed by the Quincy School Committee for the position of Superintendent of the Quincy Public Schools.

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