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Nonverbal Communication as told by "Friends"

Nonverbal communication is revealed in many ways by our facial expressions, our body language, the way we dress (our style), etc.

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Today at OCS - Session #8 Anime with ProCreate

In session #8, we will use the powerful ProCreate App. We will learn how to animate your illustrations to take your school projects to the "next level". (YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS…

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Welcome to Art!

We're all ready for a fresh start in Art!

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Writing Expressions and Equations (pre-algebra)

This is a pre-algebra math lesson where I show how to write an equation to match a written sentence (2 example problems). Then we look at mathematical expressions that match a real-life situation…

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What are Expressions and Equations? (pre-algebra)

This video lesson explains the difference between an expression and equation, gives examples of both, and shows how to write expressions from verbal descriptions. In a nutshell, an expression…

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