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Little Rabbit Foo Foo

I know I've noticed that the video has been unlisted on YouTube, so I thought I'll bring it back on YouTube. Enjoy watching this from your childhood, Kids. :)

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Quincy School Comm March 4, 2020

The March 4th meeting Honors STEM Fair winners from both Quincy High and North Quincy High, watch students present their projects. It also has an informational update on The Corona Virus and the…

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Uses of the Verb Faire

Faire Verb Practice @AGREENMOUSE1 - Je fais + doing and making things. Il fait + the weather. Je fais la sieste, je fais la tête, je fais des bêtises ... Que fais-tu? Quel temps fait-il?…

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Steepest roller coaster made from steel

The steepest roller coaster made from steel is the Takabisha ride in Japan, which has an incline of 121 degrees over 3.4 m (11 ft 1.86 in). How are roller coasters designed and how does…

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Monday 11-4-19

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Fair Sizzle Reel

Incase you didn't get to "The Great Frederick Fair," here's an inside look at what sights you may have missed.

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Guild Showcase

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Atlantic STEM Fair 2018

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SGC Book Fair: May 2016

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