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QSI AIS Wednesday, May 13 announcements

QSI AIS Wednesday, May 13 announcements distance learning reminders distance learning update--distance to the end Mater Chef Snow Leopard Edition End-of-the-Year Challenge Virtual Recess

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Where Food Goes To...

Take a look at our amazing digestive system! 1. Nose and mouth 2. Esophagus 3. Stomach 4. Liver and Pancreas (bile and juices) 5. Small Intestine 6. Large Intestine 7. Rectum and anus

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Spanish Today: Vida o muerte en el Cusco

Here's a new video to help you learn more Spanish! Here's the latest from Alex! It's entertaining and eduational too!

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What Can You Learn from a Holiday Light and a Glass Cup? by Vicki Cobb, The Master Chef of Kids' Hands-on Science

Lights all around us are part of the holiday season. But light in technology sends any kind of message. Vicki Cobb explains how. You can read the text here.

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Kingdom Builders | Episode 16: Frenemy Feast | Cartoon Webisode for Kids

King Hex and the Builders of Buildera have invited the Bashers to the annual Frenemy Feast at Hex Castle. It’s a time for friends and enemies to put aside their bashing and building, building…

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