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8/19 - Middle School Bible

This is our class session for 8/19

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Shenandoah River Flight 1

Experience a flight high over the North Fork of the Shenandoah River. This takes place near the covered bridge south of Mount Jackson, VA.

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MAIN LESSON The story of noah after the great flood

Main Lesson Story Term 2, Week 1 *A copy of the Main Lesson drawing featured in this video is found on SharePoint.

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Noah's Ark Story Reading 4/k's

Reading of Noah"s Ark story for 4/K's

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Story Time: Noah's Ark

Children will listen to the Bible story Noah's Ark.

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Read aloud " It's Mine"

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Geography of China

This edition of Mr. Zoller's Social Studies Podcast examines the geography of China

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William Gillespie

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