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WK 8 Day 2 Heggerty Onset Fluency

Listening for the beginning 3 sound blend.

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WK 7 Heggerty Onset Fluency

Onset Fluency: Beginning Blends

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Fluency Passage- Birthday Cake

Read the passage at least 3x to build fluency, timers aren’t necessary but are welcome. Answer the question that goes along with the passage. When complete send me a message, picture, or video…

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Level Reader- At Night

Send me a video of you reading the story or telling me about what you read. Or you can message me answering the question at the end. Remember reading the story more than once builds fluency and word…

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Fluency- Adding with Dominoes

Practice your adding skills with dominoes or your own flash cards. You’ve got this! Make it fun!

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