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NQHS-2020 virtual Graduation

This is North Quincy High's Virtual High School 2020 Graduation Ceremony to be aired for the first time Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 6:00pm the date and time of the original Graduation. The Live…

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Coping Skills Video #7 -Maintaining Friendships

Friendships are very important part of our lives. It is important that know the specific steps to maintain a friendship once we have them. Watch the video to learn 6 specific steps to maintain a…

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Friendship #6 The Realities of Friendship

Friendships are not all this same. That is OK. But, there are some realities of friendship that you should be aware to make yourself a better friend.

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The Way Home For Wolf

Wolf cub does not want help from anyone. When he finds himself all alone and lost in the arctic night, the wolf cub, Wilf finds that sometimes we need the helping hand o friends.

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Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

We all have relationships with friends. Some may even become romantic! Sure, relationships can be complicated. Do you know the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship…

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Bob, Joe and John

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Grand Scheme of Trees

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