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Character Archetypes in Realistic Fiction

Learn about the genre of realistic fiction, and learn some common character archetypes found in realistic fiction!

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Fantasy Genre and Characters Are Not Just One Way!

Use a pencil and paper to take notes during this lesson. Learn about the Fantasy genre and how characters have more than one trait.

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Grades 6-8 - Lesson #4

This is Lesson #4 for FACTS students grades 6-8 and Stars. We play a quick Fact or Fiction Music Trivia Game and then learn about Reggaeton as a genre of Latin American music. We focus specifically…

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Myths Folktales Legends Lesson

Learn about the differences between Myths, Folktales, and Legends! Bring a pencil and paper to take notes as you learn.

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Details - page 4

Here are the directions and examples of page 4 of your Critical Thinking Literary Response Booklet.

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