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World War 2 in 7 Minutes - Manny Man Does History


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10 Amazing Facts about Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky biography: Want to know 10 amazing facts about about the famous Russian artist Kandinsky? This art tutorial covers 10 important elements of the life of Wassily Kandinsky and is…

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Italian and German Unification: Crash Course European History #27

So, we haven't talked much about Italy and Germany so far in Crash Course Euro, and that's because prior to the mid-19th century, those two nation-states weren't really a thing. Today…

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Families in Many Cultures

This video is about Families in Many Cultures Ashley Valle

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Every Good Boy Does Fine -

Every Good Boy Does Fine, by John Riggio, is another in the continuing series of songs that teach musical concepts. In this fun music video, animated by Bill Belongia, Piggy the pig helps teach the…

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KCHS Exchange Students 2020 Video 1(fix)

KCHS Exchange Students 2020 Video 1 - With Fixed Audio

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Free PD Webinar: The Refugee Crisis and Connecting the Past with Today

Join Echoes & Reflections and Share My Lesson for this webinar on the refugee crisis that will help educators integrate the topic of refugees into their Holocaust instruction. Register below: …

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KCHS Exchange Students 2020 Video 1

Kent City High School Exchange student interviews - video 1

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