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Clementine: Chapter 9

Lakeview Elementary 3rd Grade Teachers read aloud Clementine by Sarah Pennypacker.

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Locked in the Library, final chapters

The last 3 chapters of Locked in the Library

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Objects and Functions 2

Repeat after me! The poster is from Lakeshore English Language Development Level 1.

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My Friend Is Sad by Mo Willems

Snugglebug story time with Hannah & Sarah. I hope you enjoy this read-along with your family. An Elephant & Piggie Book * play list …

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Syllable Clapping Game (Reading & Writing)

At kids learn at warp speed and buzz by their peers!

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1-31-20 It's a Great Day at Clay

Mr. Gish got a new green screen and the special effects in this episode are out of sight.

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Gone Glasses

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The Glasses

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G's commercial

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