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3.8 State Government

The Florida and US Constitution outlines three separate branches of government. Each branch has its own structure, powers and processes. Visit for more.

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2.9_ Evaluating Candidates for State Office

Voters choose from a group of candidates when they cast a ballot to vote. Candidates are people who run for public office. Visit Civics360 for more.

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Newsies - The Bottom Line reprise w/ Roosevelt - Scene #16

The final scene w/Pulitzer and Roosevelt. Just before the final number. The Bottom Line reprise is out of place here. Sorry about that! G&Co.

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Grand Island CSD Board of Education 5-11-2020 Meeting

The Grand Island Central School District Board of Education held their general session meeting virtually from various locations, including the adoption vote for the 2020-2021 School Year Budget on…

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Chat with Charles 4/20: "Stay Focused, Stay Strong."

Welcome to the fourth episode in our interview series "Chats with Charles" with Head of Upper School, Mr. Charles Beamer! Andalusian Print Editor-in-Chief Ellie Casteel asks Mr. Beamer…

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Media Makers show #18 - Alexis Zotos

"We are covering history," said Ladue alum Alexis Zotos, who is an award-winning reporter for KMOV4 in St. Louis, MO. As a General Assignment reporter you can find her stories on the…

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News Lesson and assignment

Assignment is at the end of the video. Turn in the assignment to me through Schooloy Message or through my email. Due date to turn it in is by 4/10 :)

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Lengthy - Logistics for parents/guardians

Addressing the following topics: attendance, grading, assignment work loads, tuition payments

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