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Yoga Class with T Sheena Week2 partC

After having learned new yoga animal poses, T. Sheena guides 2nd graders in relaxing their body. She uses a singing bowl to help them meditate and relax in order to get the most out of their yoga…

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6-8 HOED week 5_11

Students, please view the video for this week's lesson on Honor Our Elders Day theme. Please complete tasks mentioned in the video.

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Centering- Gratitude

Get your altar and join Miss Josie for a centering focused around gratitude. You will be asked to make a gratitude jar. You'll need a jar, sharpies/markers, slips of paper and a writing…

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Message to Faculty and Staff 4-27-2020

During these challenging times you have been a great source of inspiration. We see you. Thank you for holding one another up.

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centering- Song-This Pretty Planet

Get your altar and join me and Eddy for centering this morning. We will sing and give gratitude to our HOME in honor of Earth Day.

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