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Friday Worship (Apr 3)

Instructions Student Shout Outs Jokes MV Song & Prayer Special Feature!!

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I’m Stretched- 4/2 Mental Vacation

Talk with your family about where you would go for your mental vacation. Draw a picture of it. And if you’d like find videos of that location to add to the fun. Have a wonderful day!

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How To Draw A Hibiscus Flower 🌺

Learn how to draw a hibiscus flower! This beautiful Hawaiian flower is one of our favorites. 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love 📺 SUBSCRIBE to our channel here…

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The Little Shop of Monsters - read by Finn

This story is written by R.L. Stine and is about going to pick out your very own monster.

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Feature: A trip to Hawaii

Round Table reporter Haille Otto gives us a first person look into her trip to Hawaii.

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HHN Broadcast Feb 5

Highland Hawk News students showcase our Middle School Students Talents.

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Hot on Your Trail: Privacy, Your Data, and Who Has Access to It

It doesn't take a top-secret government spy agency armed with the latest surveillance gear to gather information about you. Every day, companies are gathering and sharing information about…

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Fastest time to climb the Seven Summits including Carstensz (male)

Steven climbed the Seven Summits including Carstensz (male) in 117 days 6 hours 50 minutes. Invite students to identify the summits on a globe or on a map. What planning and preparation goes…

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When Pigs Fly

Max and Moon are flipping through a travel book, when Moon says that she would like to visit Europe someday. Max responds by saying that he’d like to go to Hawaii, and enjoy the plane ride by…

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ISTEP from Hawaii

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