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You Are My Friend - Mister Rogers and His Neighborhood

This is the story of Mister Rogers and His Neighborhood, "You Are My Friend" by Aimee Reid. Read by Samantha Morgan, Mrs. Morgan's daughter.

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Math Friday Fluency Level A /B 5/8

Practice ways to make 5 and send me a pic/video/message!

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Rhyming Words Friday May 8

Send me a pic/message/video of your sentences!

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5/4 Announcements with Mr. Rotz

May the 4th be with you as you kick off this week!

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Planting Seeds

Alfie and Winston helped me plant my seeds!

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I’m Stretched- 4/1 Acts of Kindness

Send a picture of your act of kindness or a video explaining what you did. No act of kindness is ever too small.

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Cooking in the Kitchen - Kids Song - Pretend Play Cooking with Fun Food for Kids

Kids pretend play cooking - let's do some cooking in the kitchen! Put your apron on, grab a rolling pin and sing along as we stir, mix and whisk up a storm with all the yummy things we'll…

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When You Subtract with a Pirate (subtraction song for kids)

WHEN YOU SUBTRACT WITH A PIRATE... Subtraction song for kids! Enjoy! Q: Can my class perform a "Harry…

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Learn the Helping Verbs | Classroom Video for Kids

YAY! In this helping verbs video for kids you will learn about these verbs that are great friends, they help out the main verb! Homeschool Pop offers a unique, dynamic learning experience. We strive…

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Community Helpers

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