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rainbow spaghetti

ESE Pre-K Rainbow activities spring 2018

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Hidden Figures Ch 5

A reading of Chapter Five of Hidden Figures. A novel.

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Fifth Grade Video for Students Without Access to iMovie

Watch this and pick the trailer you think would work best with your book. Feel free to fast forward - you don't have to watch the whole thing.

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After School Session- Malik Davis: Side 1

Hear the first side of 15 year old impresario Malik Davis's debut album here.

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Wonderful Wahoos

Mrs. Ulrich explores BrainPop Jr. This resource is found in the Variety Tile on our WAVE Student Resources symbaloo.

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Nature Journal part 2

Just an idea how to do it.

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To: Our Students - From: Woerner

Woerner Elementary We Miss You! See You Soon! Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!

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The Lord's Prayer rehearsal

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Inside Out and Back Again Part 1

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F. Schubert: Trout quintet - 4. theme and variations (Official Music Video)

Julian Rachlin, Mischa Maisky, Mihaela Ursuleasa, Nobuko Imai and Stacey Watton perform the famous piano quintet in A major by Franz Schubert. J H Film Production directed by Jasmina Hajdany…

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High Tech High School's Music and Audio Tech Department presents Unplugged 2020. Recorded by the TV Production Department.

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