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8th Grade Electives-CHJH

Student created video about 8th grade elective classes at Canyon Hills Junior High

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April 27, 2020

Mr. Pio makes a return to remind everyone to consider applying for Honors English. Then Mr. Jeub snaps us back to English class to cover another lesson of Fix It and reviewing the ending of Anne…

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April 20, 2020

Special cameo appearance of Mr. Pio inviting 7th graders to apply for Honors English. Mr. Jeub then shares how creativity is needed in these questionable times, and shows off the parade put on for…

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Honors English (Mr. Pio)

Monument Academy's 8th Grade English Teacher, Mr. Pio, gives a personal invitation to his Honors English class.

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Geom Video April 3

Surface area of cones and pyramids

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