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4.3 International Conflicts: Military Action_ Korea, Vietnam, Bay of Bigs

An international conflict is a serious disagreement between two or more different nations or groups. Visit for more.

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Hidden Figures Ch 5

A reading of Chapter Five of Hidden Figures. A novel.

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#6 SENIOR BIBLE: "Mere Christianity" We are in enemy territory...

In our next study in C.S.Lewis' book, we will be doing some Bible research after we see the point he makes about us being at war right now...

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#5 SENIOR BIBLE: Mere Christianity "The Invasion"

Ever have a time in your life when things went totally upside-down, puzzling, hurtful or otherwise unpredictable? CS Lewis tells how life is complicated and how Christianity goes after the…

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World War 2 in 7 Minutes - Manny Man Does History


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Paintball Tournament

Austin shows us what it's like to be in a paintball tournament.

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Knock Knock

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The Invasion

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Funny Invasion Productions

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HKR 2nd Narrative

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