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iRam 10.17

This iRam episode takes you into the iRam Studio for a news parody featuring stories about the weather, the superhero known as The Helping Hand, hallway pedestrians, Senoritus, friendship, and couple…

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Status Update 8.15

This episode highlights the dedicated counselors of Del Rio High School and provides information on TSI Testing, the motivational efforts of our campus library, the upcoming CTE DIY Day, Indoor Band,…

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iRam 10.15

This show features Modern Day Communications, QOTW Disney Movies, and Favorite Childhood Shows, Console Wars, Bullying PSA for FCCLA, What's your favorite 2019 Memory, Wrong Answers and…

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Status Update 8.14

This show reviews some of the key school polices, provides information on the Robotics team, Written Art Magazine, applying for scholarships, and the DRHS Fine Arts program, and ends with a look at…

From  danielmello on January 30th, 2020 0 likes 87 plays

iRam 10.13

This Christmas episode features skits about Elf of the Shelf, Christmas caroling, favorite Christmas songs, gift exchanges, ornament making, Star Wars fans, and ends with "Its a Wonderful…

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iRam 10.12

This episode starts with a musical opening, and pays homage to popular television programs of the past from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, to The Brady Bunch, and Hell's Kitchen. It also includes…

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iRam 10.11 Revised

This throwback edition episode begins with QOTW, A little Queen, A couple of Vines, What was Your favorite TV Show and finally an 80's Make up DIY. Media Tech Teacher Robert Rodriguez

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SU 8.10

This episode takes a look at the past season pep rallies, provides information on the Mighty Ram Band, the Robotics Team 4063, and the E-Sports Gaming League. We also speak with Mrs. Elliot about the…

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iRam 10.7

This Halloween episode features a monstrous dance opening, followed by skits about Zodiac signs, teenage vampires, popular dance moves, melted candy, and haunted dolls. CTE Media Instructor: J.…

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iRam 10.9

This episode features Halloween trailers, asks students about favorite Halloween movies, and shows how to create some spooky decorations. CTE Media Instructor: Roberto Rodriguez.

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iRam 10.6

This episode features a look at high school fashion, from sweaters to footwear; we see the return of Bradley's Fun Times, get a review of famous Disney characters, and learn about the lost 6th…

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Status Update 8.4

This episode features a look at the new 1300 wing, the musical auditions for West Side Story, and the new clubs on campus, from the Philosophy and Media Tech Club to the Paranormal Club. CTE Media…

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Status Update 6.9

This show includes highlights from the downtown Monster Mash, as well as information on the Homecoming King and Queen nominees, College Night, the Army Recruiters, DRHS Book Club, the boys basketball…

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iRam 10.3

This iRam episode features a comedic look at popular "vsco" trends, types of dancers, bad days, and overly polite people. Please enjoy. CTE Media Instructor: J. Guanajuato

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iRam 8.11

This episode features an MTV Cribs parody, along with skits about shoelaces, aggressive phone apps, bad pitch sessions, and we ask students about their favorite childhood television shows. CTE Media…

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Status Update 6.14

This episode takes a look at the high school basketball team, the DRHS choir, the theatre department's production of Annie, the Mariachi Christmas concert, and the 10th Annual Student Business…

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