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EOY Final 2019-20 Class Video

EOY 2019-20 Baby Picture Video for 1st Grade

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3rd grade quotation lesson

Week of 5/18/20 3rd grade Grammar lesson

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Frindle Chapter 1

Read aloud with permission from Scholastic Books during COVID school closures.

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Sonday Lesson 134-Manning

Mrs. Manning - Sonday Lesson 134 meant for use on Thursday, April 9th.

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Counting On From 10

Usr the 10s grids and the number squares that are in your supply bag tp practice counting on from 10

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Handwriting Lesson/First Name

Practice writing your first name with uppercase and lowercase letters. Use the name cards that are in the bag. You can use crayons if you do not have a marker.

From  Beth Schuman on March 24th, 2020 0 likes 13 plays

What's On Your Plate?

Here are some simple guidelines to making sure you're putting the right food on your plate!

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Food fight part 3

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