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John the Rabbit

John the Rabbit is a classic folk tune! It's such a fun way to get kids singing! Tonal Content: Major Tonality, Resting Tone Rhythm Content: Duple Meter Objectives: Audiation (thinking…

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World War 2 in 7 Minutes - Manny Man Does History


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Heroes Are Making A Difference | March 23, 2020

Send the answer of today's 10 second trivia to Ms. Courtney in an email!

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Describes using Kiddle on Chromebooks and how to block Google searches via GoGuardian.

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We're keeping it upbeat in the dead of winter! Here's what's happening at AHS...

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Cool Facts About Trains | Nat Geo Kids Transportation Playlist

Discover the very best videos about cars, trains, and boats YouTube has to offer - brought to you by National Geographic Kids! ➡ Subscribe for more National Geographic Kids videos:…

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Longest swing set

The longest swing set is 163.35 m. Built in a circle, it enables children to swing and see one another as they play. The makers explain the thinking behind their design. Could inspire…

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Largest collection of videogames

The largest collection of videogames consists of 20,139 items, and was achieved by Antonio Romero Monteiro (USA). He takes us on a tour of his collection. Use to discuss the cultural…

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Longest banzai skydive

Yasuhiro Kubo (Japan), jumped from a plane at an altitude of 3,000 m. (9,842 ft) without a parachute and 50 seconds went by before he hooked himself onto a parachute which was thrown out…

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Egg Steamboat

Build a steamboat using an egg and other items from around the house!

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Peketz Team 4

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Trevors Japan Memorial

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