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Five Little Monkeys

Circle time song

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St Coletta Tour created on Mine craft by CJ Jackson

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Treasure Island - Chapter 26: Israel Hands

If you like what you heard, please spread the word to your classmates! All 34 chapters are up for your listening pleasure |…

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Distance Learning Plan - Message from Dr. Jim Wipke

Ladue Schools Superintendent Dr. Jim Wipke addresses the issues our district faces while being out of school and briefly shares information about a distance learning plan to be implemented for…

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Scholastic's I Have a Dream: The Play Reader's Theater

A reading of the script from Scholastic's I Have a Dream: the Play. This is read by my students with accompanying art work and images from the life and times of Martin Luther King Junior.

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THE GIFT OF THE MAGI by O. Henry, presented by Listen to more Christmas classics in the audiobook, CLASSIC TALES OF CHRISTMAS This recording of THE GIFT OF THE MAGI (narrated by Daniel Vimont) was originally published…

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Friday 11-1-19

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What does XENOPHILE mean?

Created by EthG

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Quick Tip: Gym Sweat

Did you get a little too physical in gym class today, and have the pit stains to prove it? Jeremy has a hot tip to help all you sweaty Bettys out there.

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Psalms 1 in Hebrew

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Jim the Tree

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