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SchoolTube Features for District PR Managers

K12 District PR departments create and manage the public voice of the district. With SchoolTube's nationally acclaimed K12 Video Sharing platform, District PR departments can easily create,…

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Engaging and Teaching Parents About Technology

Parents can be collaborators or obstacles when the topic of technology comes up. With more remote learning than ever, schools need parents. Educators often talk to parents when mistakes or accidents…

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Emailing Parents from PowerTeacher Pro 2020

How to send emails to parents and get lists of email addresses for use in other mail applications.

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K12 320 Overview for SETDA TANK

Learn how K12 360 provides districts with a 360-degree view of their operations and student performance all through one portal.

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Meet Otus, the Student Performance Platform | K-12 Edtech

The seemingly endless number of edtech solutions on the market are designed to help educators, students, and parents... but they’re actually making everyone's lives more chaotic. …

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SchoolTube's Virtual Classroom ! Easy to use Screenshare for Educators and Students

SchoolTube is introducing Virtual Classroom, an amazing new educational screenshare tool designed for teachers to EASILY livestream and record lectures, lessons, and presentations to remote students…

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CaneNews 3411-11

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CaneNews 3-31-11

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September Focus on Inquiry

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