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Longest swing set

The longest swing set is 163.35 m. Built in a circle, it enables children to swing and see one another as they play. The makers explain the thinking behind their design. Could inspire…

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How to MacBook 1; Keyboard Viewer

Video detailing the process to access the guide to keyboard combinations to create complex symbols such as π, ≈, •, or ¢.

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Typ week 2 3rd-5th

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Final Cut Pro X Essentials - Working in the Timeline 2A

In this lesson we go over the timeline – getting deeper into timeline basics, like storyline, magnetic timeline, navigation, timeline tools, connected clips, compound clips and lastly gap clips.

From  Paul Langhorst on September 24th, 2019 0 likes 0 plays

Basic Video Editing Tools

In this video we’ll go over the tools you’ll need to edit video. We’ll start with the computer, including how to choose your CPU, GPU and RAM. Next up, we’ll look at the…

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Jeff Lisenby at Raytown South Middle

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