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Bible Verse: Matthew 28:20

I am always with you. - Matthew 28:20 How do we know God is always with us if we can't see him?

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Chrysanthemum Read Aloud 8:20

Hi Scholars! Listen to our Read Aloud for today. Chrysanthemum. Think about your name and what you like about it. Then complete the Name activity in the Math Folder in Seesaw for today. Love, Ms.…

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Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten Read Aloud

Miss Bindergarden Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten Read Aloud By Joseph Slate read by Mrs. Harting

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Jonah Bible Verse

Ex 19:8 We will do everything the Lord has said.

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RW Unit 4 Session 7 (2) Noticing Relationships

RW Readers Take notes and mark their books on pages where they notice relationships between characters

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